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EMNE: Alfuzosin caused my peyronies

Alfuzosin caused my peyronies 17. Jun 2017 13:13 #6142

I am 65 and have been experiencing symptoms of BPH. My doctor recommended a surgical treatment but I wanted to give drug therapy one more try. I had already tried flomax and rapiflo several years ago and the side affects were so bad that I did not continue with either. He suggested Alfuzosin since it was in the same family of drugs but with fewer side affects. After 3 days my BPH symptoms were much better and I actually felt better over all. Fewer aches and pains and more endurance in sports, however my sex drive was diminished somewhat. After 7 days my wife and I attempted sex. It was more difficult to get and maintain an erection during intercourse. After about 10 minutes we changed positions, I looked down and my penis was deformed. I had the classic hour glass contour.

Please Help.
Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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