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EMNE: Overqualified, but "Toxic" for the team?

Overqualified, but "Toxic" for the team? 19. Jun 2017 14:12 #6146

A few months ago I hired an overqualified for position my team. He's had some interpersonal communication problems (behaviors = assuming other person is incompetent, inappropriate exasperated body language, unwillingness to work within a team). I've provided feedback, but he's been fairly dismissive.

While I was in other meetings, issues came up. I received feedback from two people on my team, another manager we work with, and a very senior manager in the firm that he was very unpleasant to work with (there was a lot more).

He also suggested to another I knowingly allowed an error to go uncorrected, and that my leadership was questionable at best.

Any advice for how to handle this? Today I just took a breath and went for a walk.

Please Help.

Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.



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